Drilling Machines and Pumps
We give guarantee to our products for 1 year or 8.000 hours and also we guarantee that 24 hours maintenance and repair service with highly educated mechanic is provided.
Drilling Equipment
Geo Drilling Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. perfectly knows how insufficient drilling equipment to affect performance and unit cost by collective years experiences of Ortadoğu Drilling Ltd. which is our partner company.
Drilling Fluid Additives
Drilling fluid additives sold by Geo Drilling Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are distinguished according to the results of performance trial done by Ortadoğu Drilling Ltd. Most productive and economic ones are chosen for sale.
Engineering Services
Geo Drilling Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides all engineering services of drilling industry. The experiences comes from Ortadoğu Drilling Ltd. guide the company to give those services.
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